About Us

Let's Rock Your Social Media


Why Quattro Social Marketing? After 10 years of helping my clients grow their businesses on social media as a Virtual Social Media Strategist, I now want to help you - solopreneurs and online creators - manage your own social media and bring back the personal touch of talking to your tribe in YOUR STYLE and YOUR VOICE.

Let me show you how to find the time and the tools to set you up for success. If you are brand new to the multitude of choices - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn - which one is right for me - I would love to help you get your brand established.

If you already have your presence in the social media marketing arena, but need some help on staying on top of your social media and saving yourself some time, I am here to help.

Are you like me and sign up for so many great new ideas - yes this one is just what I need and then find out a month later that you have not logged on or completed more than 25% of the modules?

That is why I am offering a weekly hour long face to face via Zoom along with tasks to help you get things DONE!

What one thing will you commit to this week?  And next?

Let’s talk more about my 60 days of coaching along with my monthly face to face call and updates on insights, inspiration and cutting edge social media strategies from influencers in the industry and let’s ROCK your SOCIAL MEDIA.

One on One Training for 60 days